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Grease Meisselpaste Small
During the operation of hydraulic breaker, the working tool and internal bushing should be checked every 2 hours and lubricated with a special grease with antiscuff additives.

WARNING! Insufficient lubrication may cause quick wear of the bushing and tool, as well as tool breakage.
NOTE! During the lubrication, the hydraulic breaker must be pressed against the surface vertically in order to prevent the grease from getting between the tool and the piston, to prevent the hydraulic shock and damage to sealing.

Product description:

MEISSELPASTE a copper-colored paste on the basis of a mineral base oil, with aluminum complex soap as a thickener and a combination of solid additives (copper, silicon).

A special paste for cartridges and bushing of shock-drilling equipment.

  • Class NLGI 2
  • Temperature mode: -20 / +1100ºС
  • Extreme loads resistant
  • Water resistant
  • Makes it easier to dismantle
  • Reduces wear
  • Prevents oxidation


Area of use:

MEISSELPASTE NILS is intended specifically for lubrication of cartridges and bushing of pneumatic and hydraulic drills and breakers, as well as other mechanized impact tools made by brands like Krupp, Montabert, Rammer, Indeco, Italdem, Furukawa and others with a hammer weighing from 75 to 10 000 kg.

MEISSELPASTE NILS be applied under water, as well as at higher temperatures.

Application method

MEISSELPASTE NILSmay be extruded manually or supplied by centralized systems Vogel KFG 1, BEKA-MAX EP 1, Lincoln progressive-system, Contilube and others.


MEISSELPASTE NILS is not intended for lubrication of bearings. Extrusion guns must be clearly labeled to avoid incorrect use.


BEKA, Delimon, Krupp, Lincoln, Vogel.

Rammer tool grease (part No(s) 902045, 902046); JCB Special Hammer Grease (part No(s) 4003/1109, 4003/1119); chisel paste AtlasCopco (Krupp); Delta Marathon DM-3000; HUSKEY CHISEL PASTE.

Can be successfully applied to the following foreign hydraulic breakers (not a complete list):

  • AtlasCopco;
  • Krupp;
  • Lifton Industries;
  • CAT Caterpillar;
  • JCB;
  • Furukawa (FRD);
  • BobCat;
  • NPK (Nippon Pneumatic);
  • Komatsu;
  • Soosan;
  • Feel Industrial Engineering Co., LTD (Delta Fine);
  • Hanwoo;
  • Italdem;