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Hydraulic Breakers

Hydraulic hammers (also known as breaker hammers) are really powerful tools that are purchased for big jobs like the demolition of buildings and rocks. These are typically purchased by construction companies. However, you may find yourself wanting to purchase one for personal use if you do a lot of construction programs or are planning to work on a personal building demolition. How would you go about choosing one?


  • The primary and secondary crushing work of a rock mountain
  • Crushing cement and asphalts on pavements and removing rocks
  • Dismantling buildings and used in other crushing working sites


How to choose a right hammer for carrier?

  • Step 1 Research what it is that you are buying. You may or may not need a big hydraulic breaker. Learn about these before you invest in one.
  • Step 2 Check your machine. It means carrier. It may be excavator or loader. Check the brand and model name.
  • Step 3 Consider size. Determine the weight class that you need. Most people will want a medium sized hydraulic hammer which can be suitable for 21 ton excavator. In that case we can recommend 1200 – 1700 kg breaker.
  • Step 4 If you don`t know the weight class of your carrier, just inform us about the model name of your excavator. Our specialists will recommend which hydraulic breaker is suitable for you.

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