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A Vibro ripper is a unique machine designed and produced to increase mining productivity. A Hydraulic Excavator attachment powered by modern hydraulics is an efficient method to transfer huge raw power of modern Engines to fracture the Rock surface and remove the same by ripping the strata. A Hyraulic motor driven eccentrics generate huge vibratory force which is used to drive a wedge in a rock surface causing a fracture, thereby the tooth penetrates the rock and helps Rip the strata.


  • Innovative, reliable
  • Powerful digging capacity by special vibration structure
  • Noiseless & eco-friendly vibrating ripper
  • Higher productivity & efficiency


  • Utilizing 2700rpm high frequency vibration
  • Developed by patent high frequency vibration technology world first, which makes 80% better productivity than other rock breakers
  • Innovative design with tooth & pin improved durability
  • Easy installation with hydraulic breaker lines of excavato
  • Noiseless and eco friendly equipment (approx. 52~70dB)
  • Increased lifetime of parts by applying the oil rotation power system
  • Protecting the excavators from vibration shock by our patent elastomer cushions
  • Superior operational efficiency with the adoption of the powerful vibration motor
  • Application area : tunnels, foundations, wet places, road construction, noise restriction area, downtown construction site, under the water places
  • Excellent performance on veined, cracked and soft rock

Productivity : Vibro Ripper vs. Rock Breaker